A poorly designed cheap looking website can easily harm the public online image of your business

There are now several DIY ‘create your own website’ offerings being advertised on TV, just click here, just drop an image here etc, the adverts make it sound incredibly easy to make your own website and it appears to cost virtually nothing to set it up and no running costs.

This propaganda entices small business owners to go for the cheap option of using a friend or a part timer to make them a website or maybe have a go in house.

Many businesses are left with a website they are just not happy with, slow loading times, poor content, poor images and layout, with a non responsive design.

Is that really the best way to make your company stand out against the competition?

A website does not need to create many leads or generate many new clients for it to easily pay for itself many times over.

So why not spend a little extra and have a professional looking website created to promote your business by Blue2 Media the specialists for web design Crewe & Nantwich


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Many small businesses owners can overlook how important having the right online presence can be, browsing the website of the company is often the first port of call for people when they are making the decision of whether to use that company. An excellent website can lift the credibility of your business.

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